The First Step Is The Hardest

This morning I spotted this blue heron in a tree along the edge of the marsh. It was an odd place for the bird to perch and I suspected it would not stay there very long.

That was indeed the case as the GBH suddenly threw up his wings in preparation for departure. Except his exit was not particularly graceful, it looked more like he fell out of the tree.

He did manage to quickly regain balance and go into a fairly smooth glide mode and then head out across the pond area. But it reminded me of a cat that falls awkwardly but still does manage to land on it’s feet and then gives you that look like… “What? I wanted to do that.”  🙂

Blue Heron Falls Out of Tree

Blue Heron Falls Out of Tree

Blue Heron Falls Out of Tree

Blue Heron Falls Out of Tree

24 thoughts on “The First Step Is The Hardest

    • I was rather surprised he even tried to jam himself into the tight tree space, but there were several GBHs out there and fights were going on so I suppose he needed a place to hide. 🙂

    • These big guys really do look quite blue and colorful. Just as with all of my wildlife photos, the birds and animals are shown here pretty much how they look in the wild.
      Thanks for checking out the GBH pics and glad you enjoyed them!

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