Nice Day For A Flight

This past week a bald eagle decided to sit high up in a pine tree and enjoy some afternoon sun along with a panoramic view of the marsh.

The eagle must have spotted something because he didn’t stay in the tree for long. With a jump and a flap of those huge wings, this eagle was airborne and past me in a flash. From there it seemed to be an almost effortless glide with only minimal wing action required.

Nice day for a flight!

Bald Eagle Jumps Off From Pine Tree

Bald Eagle Jumps Off From Pine Tree

Bald Eagle Jumps Off From Pine Tree

Bald Eagle Jumps Off From Pine Tree

Bald Eagle Jumps Off From Pine Tree

26 thoughts on “Nice Day For A Flight

  1. You sure are amazing.. Great captures. out of all the times I have been to HBSP, I still have never seen a Bald Eagle;; but did see a Mantee..LOL

    • I never get tired of photographing an eagle. If it comes down to spoonbills or an eagle, I think I’ll go with the eagle despite how much I enjoy watching the spoonies! Thanks Reed!

  2. Stunning is a gross understatement. Eagle fans everywhere must be thrilled about this series of images. As always, great wildlife photography. Your routine shots are my lifetime goals!

    • Well I am very happy you enjoy seeing the eagles here and thanks very much for stopping by!
      We had some drama over the weekend. A bald eagle was hit by a truck not far from where our local pair are often seen. For two days we did know if it was one of the pair but they have been seen together since so we know they are fine.
      Still sad that an eagle got hurt but it was taken to a raptor rehab center and is supposed to be OK in a couple weeks and hopefully can be released back into the wild.

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