“Radar” At Sunset

Most of you know our good buddy Radar. He’s the great egret with the tracking antenna pack attached to his back. As always, Radar is head egret in charge of the marsh and keeps everybody including, the alligators, in line.

Last week as I was leaving for the evening, I saw Radar perched at the edge of the marsh enjoying his view. He was silhouetted by warm setting sunlight and as usual has a commanding appearance. 🙂

Radar at Sunset

36 thoughts on ““Radar” At Sunset

  1. Always enjoy a “Radar” photo! How about that sunset tonight!?! Didn’t make it to HBSP, but got some shots here at Sunset this evening. Heard the view at HB was spectacular and my friend VB shared. Hoping you may post one later on. Hard to believe your photographs could get any better, but you and your new camera are really raising the bar! Such a pleasure to view your site. Thanks for sharing!

    • Glad you liked the Radar silhouette. He sure is a character and one great thing is we always know exactly which egret (of many) is Radar. We used to have a GBH around that I could always identify by he mostly shows up in summer for some reason.

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