Almost Done With Dinner

Yesterday afternoon I spotted this osprey sitting high up in a pine at the edge of the salt marsh. It wasn’t until I got a closer look that I realized he had just about finished his dinner.

The entire front portion of the a fish had been removed and consumed, all that was left was a bit of mid and tail section.

In a blink though, the osprey was off and had taken his leftovers along with him.

Osprey in PineTree with Fish

Osprey in PineTree with Fish

Osprey in PineTree with Fish

20 thoughts on “Almost Done With Dinner

    • No waste at all in this birds world. I knew the osprey was going to leave and I really wanted the jump off shot but I looked down at my camera for an instant and naturally that’s when it left.

  1. Love that he carries his remaining meal with him when he leaves. Birds of prey are so beautiful! Really enjoyed the sequence.

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