Hop, Skip, And A Jump

Hooded Mergansers are my all time favorite duck. They are fun to watch and comical in appearance, almost like nature’s little joke on us all. If someone tried to invent a cartoon duck from another planet, hoodies are what they would look like.

Yesterday afternoon I saw this male hoodie floating along quietly but I could tell just from looking at him that he was not going to stay put for long.ย Hooded mergansers can be very skittish and within a few seconds this little guy was off and running. And then of course finally flying.

For kind of goofy looking ducks, hoodies are extremely fast flyers and this little fellow zipped by me in an instant.

I always enjoy any chance I get to watch and photograph a hoodie because they never fail to entertain and amaze!

Hoodie Takes Off From Marsh

Hoodie Takes Off From Marsh

Hoodie Takes Off From Marsh

Hoodie Takes Off From Marsh

Hoodie Takes Off From Marsh

26 thoughts on “Hop, Skip, And A Jump

  1. Wonderful capture of the action. It always seemed to me that the Hooded Mergansers were bouncing along as they took off. Your shots give me a much better idea of the steps involved as they gain speed and then altitude.

    • They move faster then I would think so I agree it’s tough to see how they bounce and sort of run across the water during takeoff. Fun goofy ducks though. Thanks for looking Mike!

  2. He is super cute. And that is a great photograph … love the colors and the water. His eyes just kind of punctuate his look !

    • Oh that’s what usually happens here 99% of the time. Pretty much all the ducks stay way out and the hoodies are the worst. I guess I have to just hope for one that isn’t paying attention. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks Pat. I just wish I had more opportunities to photograph these ducks because they are fun and interesting.
      Right now though we have juvie brown pelicans coming out of our ears but not many hoodies. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. When we first moved to Myrtle Beach, I knew nothing about ducks. I would get so excited when I saw these and I’d call them “little Napolean ducks”. I just adore them. Thank you for the great pics.

  4. What a cute bird!!! Hes adorable, never saw one like that, great capture, and great pictures, nature has such beautiful creatures out there…Thank you!!!!

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