Fun With Wood Storks

Some say wood storks have a face only a mother could love. In some respects I suppose that could be true, they are not the most attractive looking birds out there. But over the years I have grown rather fond of these large ungainly birds and have begun to appreciate their unusual appearance.

Here are a few different shots from the past week or so. The first two pictures are of a juvenile wood stork while the last two are an adult.

The last photo is a nice close up view of that unique face.

Fun With Wood Storks

Fun With Wood Storks

Fun With Wood Storks

Fun With Wood Storks

18 thoughts on “Fun With Wood Storks

  1. Since I’ve been at HBSP, I’ve really come to love the woodstorks. Amazing birds. Wonderful work here, Phil. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. What a great week it’s been on the blog…my two favorite birds….wood storks and hooded megansers! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours Phil! 🙂 I wonder what Santa would say if I asked for a baby wood stork this year…..hmmmmm

  3. The remind me both of fulture and condors a bit. I love the wood stork. I like that second picture, with the little fuzzy tufts on his head!

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