“Don’t Even THINK About Landing Here!”

On a recent late evening in the salt marsh it was obvious these two egrets had some sort of issue with each other. When one came in to land the other put up his wings defiantly, and gave a seriously unwelcoming look. The arriving intruder got the message loud and clear as he never did land. In fact, I don’t know how he managed to stay airborne throughout the entire incident which went on for several intense seconds.

Egret Disagreement

Egret Disagreement

Egret Disagreement

Egret Disagreement

19 thoughts on ““Don’t Even THINK About Landing Here!”

  1. Your birds there are such a HOOT! Priceless facial reactions. Forget about working, let’s just watch them the whole day. (…considering Radar isn’t even in the picture).

    • Those birds can be entertaining, that’s for sure and much better to let them do all the work while we sit around and watch! 🙂
      Awww… poor Radar. We are beginning to become concerned. No one has seen him for at least two weeks now. Hopefully he is just off having an adventure and will show up at the marsh soon.

        • The last photos I have of Radar were taken Nov. 21! He could have been around a bit later, but we are closing in on 3 three weeks now with no sightings of him. Didn’t see him yesterday so it’s been a while now.

          • Oh boy! Yiykes, I sincerely hope he’s ok, that he finally thought to migrate somewhere else…away from Mr. A.
            Thank you for the update though. Am sure if and as soon as you see him again, you’ll let all of us know.

    • I think I would be doing something similar, except I also might be like our good friend Radar. He doesn’t really like a crowd and prefers to fish and take care of business on his own.
      It was fun action out there that night.

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