Surprise Pop Up

Just as I was leaving this evening I saw a little mink pop out from among the rocks along the edge of the marsh. As soon as the mink spotted me he surprised me by running right toward me, it was almost like my cat bouncing into the room!

He quickly put on the breaks however, stopped, took another look at me, and headed back toward the rocks along the edge of the water.

I didn’t see the little guy again, and since it was getting dark I figured he was snuggling down into a cozy spot for the night.

Mink on the Walkway

Mink on the Walkway

Mink on the Walkway

Mink on the Walkway

Mink on the Walkway

39 thoughts on “Surprise Pop Up

  1. I love surprises like this. Most of my mustelid sightings have been surprises as well. Excellent series of images. In the second shot, it looks like a tiny bear lumbering down the road.

    • The funny thing was that we heard a GBH making a huge racket about something and then heard what sounded like a cat fight. When I went to investigate I saw the mink in the scrub but then it disappeared. After about 10 mins. it just popped up on that walkway and looked at us.

    • They do have a super cute face! Minks are not extremely common, we used to see them more often but rarely in the past few years. I know some ot hit by cars, they are better off way down the beach scampering along the rock jetty. No cars there.

    • Yes it was funny how he quickly applied the brakes after thinking better of jumping into my arms. 🙂
      I got a couple butt shots of him when he turned around. I should have posted one, his little paws look so cute.

  2. Phil, you get the best photo ops! Love the GBH in the post right after this one, and your Juvenile Inid, too, and your mink? Wow. To be honest, it I encountered a mink, I would have no idea what creature it was. Beautiful photos.

    • Thanks a bunch, I’m really happy you enjoy the photos! I think at first many people go with baby otter when they see a mink which kind of makes sense considering your first thought when seeing a small animal like this probably isn’t ‘mink’. 🙂

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