Shaking Off

An osprey shakes off some water as he flies along the reeds at the edge of the marsh.

He caught no fish on this attempt but will go right back to work after the quick shake off.

Of course the eagle is sitting in his tree at the far edge hoping the next pass by the osprey will be successful…

Osprey Shaking Off

Osprey Shaking Off

17 thoughts on “Shaking Off

    • Well thanks a bunch! I never realized some of the cool things they do until I got involved in photographing them.
      Better then when I used to take people pics, the birds don’t give me a hard time about how they look and of course the alligators prefer that I made them look fat.

    • We had them all over the place for a while but then they kind of dropped off and went back to mostly fishing out over the ocean. Of course the always lurking bald eagle doesn’t make the ospreys feel any better about fishing in the marsh.

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