Another Pop Up

Well our fuzzy little mink friend is back. This afternoon we saw him pop out from behind some rocks along the edge of the marsh.Β He scampered around for a bit before disappearing back down into the rocks.

We waited for a little while, but never did see him pop back up. I have to figure he has a bunch of cozy hiding spots down in among the rocks and brush.

Mink Playing on the Rocks

Mink Playing on the Rocks

Mink Playing on the Rocks


28 thoughts on “Another Pop Up

    • He is a friendly little guy for sure. Well… up to a point. I don’t think our relationship has gotten to the point where I can give him a little pat on the head yet.
      Missed an otter in that same area by ten mins. yesterday.

  1. These pop-ups are fantastic and I will admit that I’m a tad jealous of the opportunity! Glad you’re sharing – it’s both entertaining and educational – and hope your furry friend continues to enjoy center stage and cooperate.

    • Thanks so much Nick glad you are enjoying the mink sightings. It could have been even better. There was an otter playing and fishing in that same area yesterday that I missed seeing by 10 mins. Oh well, the mink is fun.

  2. What a cuddly guy. And so curious and mischievious looking! Minks are one of my all-time favorites. Oh wait, I have about 15 favorites!

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