Morning Mink

Here’s one of our little mink friends from a while back bopping around the edge of the salt marsh among the dried reeds.

His face is still a bit wet from poking around in the water hunting for a fish, but the fur will dry quickly. They often go in and out of the water several times searching for a tasty meal.

Mink in the Reeds

Mink in the Reeds

18 thoughts on “Morning Mink

    • Lucky for us there are not so many of these guys, and they are not in areas where they could potentially create problems. So we are always happy to see one do a surprise pop up. 🙂

    • These little guys remind me of cats more then any other animal. I have had two chasing each other, run right between and next to my legs like I wasn’t even there. Funny critters. 🙂

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