Warm Winter Morning

If we get an unseasonably warm day, even in January, you might find an alligator floating around in the swamp.

The alligators don’t hibernate in the strict sense, one can potentially come out on a winter morning to grab a little sun.

They are slow and won’t move around all that much, and certainly won’t hunt for a meal, but a nap in the sun is always on the menu.

Alligator Floats Into The Swamp

Alligator Floats Into The Swamp

Alligator Floats Into The Swamp

15 thoughts on “Warm Winter Morning

  1. I was going to say it might grab something else besides sun! But I see by your post that the alligators don’t feed at this time of year. Whew!

    Absolutely stunning photography. I love the first one of course, but the last one made me see alligators in a new light. It looks like a big (huge) lizard.

    Thank you for the education and beautiful shots!

  2. It looks like it needs a lot more napping … and it’s making me tired. They are amazing creatures for enduring unfavourable conditions which makes me wonder why they aren’t here.

    • Not really waking up, they will still be laying around and doing mostly nothing until Spring. But it is possible to see one out on a sunny day at any time of year. Glad you like seeing these guys!

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