It Was A Coot Mob Scene!

There was a good size group of coots out floating around in the marsh pond this afternoon. At one point something startled them and they all at once decided they had to scatter off in a panicked frenzy.

Usually this type of behavior is seen because a bald eagle starts circling overhead looking menacing. But I saw no eagle or anything else that appeared to require this immediate departure. Hard to tell what gets coots excited, but within minutes they were back floating along in their nice calm group.

About an hour later we were treated to a nice looking sky just prior to sunset.

Mob of Coots

Mob of Coots

Mob of Coots

Sunset at the Marsh Pond

21 thoughts on “It Was A Coot Mob Scene!

  1. Great photos! I always love the stories that go with them. Saw your sunset on Ed Piotrowski’s segment! Wished we were there but sometimes work gets in the way……

  2. These are great shots, the coots were definately dancing or ready to take off, but decided to stay, and the sunset is georgous, wish I was there…..beautiful shots.

  3. Beautiful sunset.
    The coots racket must be a big one. Whenever a hawk comes by to visit the juniper tree in our front yard, the sparrows and finches in the juniper make a big racket.

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