View From The Top

A bald eagle glides above the marsh on a crisp, blue sky winter day. I’m betting the eagle had a great view from up there.

Well, all except for me…It’s likely the eagle could easily live without some guy on the ground pointing an object up at him! But he paid zero attention to me, so I suspect I was just another part of the scenery.

Bald Eagle Blue Sky Flight

15 thoughts on “View From The Top

  1. You weren’t on his radar, that’s for sure. Stunning photo of this buy guy. It’s gotta be great to be at the top!

  2. Great shot of the eagle, Phil.

    Two years ago I was at HBSP in late November and the days were busy with several ospreys and eagles. A couple months ago I came back (also around late November) and did not see any ospreys or eagles. Do they show up more frequently now? Thanks.

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