“See Ya Later Gang!”

Yesterday afternoon, an egret takes off in flight leaving his ibis, pelican, and other egret friends behind.

He also had a passing comment as he left the scene which I’m sure was a pleasant goodbye.  🙂

Egret Leaves His Friends

Egret Leaves His Friends

24 thoughts on ““See Ya Later Gang!”

  1. Beautiful Birds, such graceful flights, miss those, but may be coming South again to live, cant take this cold and snow, I feel as if Im in Greenland, (Central NY, wherever that is) and the nature here is not what I expected for the backwoods at all…where have they all gone???? Anyway, beautiful nature and country where you are and fantastic for photography, there is is only so much you can take of snow…both with photography, mentally, physically and spiritually….keep on doing the great photography and nature your both great at….:-)))))

    • I can remember the day well when I used to live up north I was out yet again shoveling out from a huge snowstorm and I told my neighbor I had it. I was done. Don’t think he believed me until I was actually gone, but I was truly done.
      About the only wildlife I would have up there to photograph was pigeons. 🙂

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