Quiet Weekend

Pouring rain today so I had to leave the birds on their own for the day.

It was also a slow weekend, not a lot going on over at the marsh so I just have a couple of shots from then.

We had an egret dancing around in the pond while a group of coots huddled in the background.

A great blue heron swooped down into the reeds in the salt marsh at late afternoon.

And of course I had to post a portrait of our pal “Radar” who, as usual, was on duty maintaining his position as head egret in charge!




9 thoughts on “Quiet Weekend

    • He is quite the local celebrity and still does manage to look pretty good despite closing in on five years having that device attached to his back. I think it’s giving him an edge and likely contributes to his steadfast attitude.

    • We are really happy that we have Radar that we have grown fond of staying around our area here. It’s going on five years that the big guy has stuck around and he is still head egret of the marsh. 🙂

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