Dragon In His Lair

Well actually it’s more like the cute alligator laying around on his bed of nice soft tamped down weeds.

I took a walk over to the swamp this afternoon but things looked fairly quiet. The usual active assortment of coots, moorhens, and grebes were hard at work but otherwise not much going on.

I took this overall view of one section of the swamp with my phone because I didn’t have a wide lens with me. Then, down just a bit further, something caught my eye and I stopped to peer through the reeds. Although he thought he was well hidden, I was able to spot our alligator friend relaxing in the mid day sun. He lifted his head up and took a look at me but was not tremendously impressed so he went back to napping.

Pleasant enough day for everyone it seemed, with not a care in the world.

Alligator in the Swamp

Alligator in the Swamp

12 thoughts on “Dragon In His Lair

  1. I was wondering where Mr.Alligator was 🙂 This is amazing. I mean to notice him and take his pictures but dear Phil, it seemed to me fearful to walk there and to see him 🙂 Is it safety? Don’t you afraid? Thank you, love, nia

    • Thank you very much Nia, I’m happy you liked seeing these photos and like our friendly alligator.
      It is very safe, that guy would rather stay away from me then come after me. Plus he is too cold now to move around very much. 🙂

    • Yeah he does look like a young guy. Well, he has young looking face, but he is still a good size boy. That tail goes back a ways and I even had to cut part of it off on the left side there so he is longer then you might expect.
      The water is up high there in among the trees right now and some of the usual alligator resting places are currently under water.

    • Thanks a bunch, glad you liked these shots. The alligators right now are not very active and won’t be until the weather warms up more. Plus in general they want to avoid humans if they can at all help it. They are smarter than people give them credit. 🙂

  2. Wow hes incognito!!!! and blends right in with the weeds and is probably just trying to warm up, glad there is no snow there!!!!

    • One time I did come within one more foot of stepping on an alligators nose. I almost didn’t see him laying down in among some weeds at the edge of the water. That would not have been good for anybody. 🙂

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