King Of The Mountain

Well in this case, for a young white ibis,ย it’s more like king of the oyster beds. At least until the adults start showing up, then it’s time to leave and go hang out with the rest of the kids.

Juvenile Ibis in the Salt Marsh

Juvenile Ibis in the Salt Marsh

11 thoughts on “King Of The Mountain

  1. I am so used to my own settings around here..,of mangroves and pond apples and such with the ubiquitous White Ibis..that its refreshing to see your habitat with all those neat looking oyster shells sticking up vertically. Like a little oyster forest for the ibis to forage in.

    • The oysters as seen here are visible like this only during low tide. As the tide comes in the get covered over and the wading birds will go elsewhere to feed. It’s also funny to see the oysters ‘spit’ water. ๐Ÿ™‚
      Thanks for checking these out!

  2. Well, she certainly unceremoniously muddied her legs/feet up! I love these young ibis. The wings on mom are stunning.

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