Radar And Friend

One day last week our good buddy Radar was out fishing in the salt marsh with his new little snowy egret friend.

After snowball left the area, Radar continued on patrolling the water around the oyster beds making sure everything was properly in order.

Radar and Friend

Radar and Friend

Radar and Friend

Radar and Friend

17 thoughts on “Radar And Friend

    • You are correct Mike, I do indeed believe our friend is starting to display some seasonal breeding plumage. He did last year, I have photos of him with bright green lores around his eyes which is breeding condition. I think our boy has a girlfriend tucked away somewhere.

  1. So good to see Radar again and don’t he and his friend look just perfect together? The contrast of their white plumage against the blue sky reflected in the water is stunning and so are their reflections! Such great pictures, Phil!

  2. They make a cute pair – regular and pint-sized. Mr. Radar is a special guy. And the snowy is super cute and soft looking.

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