Baby Food

It seems that our local pair of mated bald eagles have one if not two chicks now in their nest at the far edge of the salt marsh.

One sign of new mouths to feed is the increased hunting action we have seen taking place around the area.

This afternoon I saw one of the eagles swoop down and hit the water and it sat there for a few seconds and I knew it was trying to get something secured in it’s talons. The eagle suddenly burst up out of the water with a fresh caught duck, and I suspect our unfortunate victim was a ruddy duck.

The eagle flew off toward the nest with baby’s evening meal and I couldn’t believe it when the eagle looked right back at the duck and stared into it’s eyes as the poor little guy was being carried away.

Bald Eagle Grabs Duck

Bald Eagle Grabs Duck

Bald Eagle Grabs Duck

Bald Eagle Grabs Duck

Bald Eagle Grabs Duck

Bald Eagle Grabs Duck

Bald Eagle Grabs Duck

Bald Eagle Grabs Duck

35 thoughts on “Baby Food

    • Yeah, I know, I feel really bad for the little duck. And it’s only going to get worse out there. If those eagles end up with two (hungry) chicks it’s going to be tough on all the area birds, fish, and small mammals.

    • I don’t know. That last shot kinda freaks me out. I wasn’t really thinking about the subject matter so much when I initially posted these but something about that last one is unsettling. But so it goes in nature.
      We don’t feel all that bad for the fish when a heron grabs one. Odd.

    • Yeah we do feel bad of the little duck but so it goes in nature. Funny too how we never seem to feel so bad for the fish when a heron grabs one, or a crab when a gator is crunching it. Cute little animals are different though.
      Thanks for looking.

  1. Oh my! I knew when we passed you on the causeway that I was going to regret going to take pictures of the full moon! Exciting shots!

  2. Amazing images, felt a bit sad about the baby duck, and how the bald eagle looked right into his eyes on the last shot, dont know if he felt a bit bad himself, but I guess thats how it is in the wild, especially when it comes to the food chain and surviving….the circle of life is downright rough in the wild as Fey Girl said above…

  3. Another terrific sequence, Phil. ‘Nature red in tooth and claw’ indeed! [Or as the TV announcements of UK football results have it, “If you don’t want to know the result, look away now…’]

  4. Disturbing, but totally normal. Poor little guy though. On the other hand, there are a couple of new mouths to feed! 🙂

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