Keeping A Watchful Eye

This morning I found one of our local bald eagles sitting in a pine tree along the edge of the salt marsh. I don’t know if it’s the same duck hunter from yesterday, but it could be.

Now that they have one or two chicks, food for the babies is not the only concern for the eagle parents. Watching out for predators or other birds which they may determine are invaders to their territory is also a full time job.

After keeping a close eye on this one section of the marsh area, the eagle left the tree and doing an airborne reconnaissance, it flew across to the other side where it sat in another tree and kept watch there for a bit. It soon left that tree as well and patrolled further along the far edge which is a tactic that will hopefully allow for views from every possible direction. Good safety procedures are certainly being followed by the new parents.

Bald Eagle in Pine Tree

Bald Eagle in Pine Tree

Bald Eagle in Pine Tree

Bald Eagle in Pine Tree

Bald Eagle in Pine Tree

Bald Eagle in Pine Tree

22 thoughts on “Keeping A Watchful Eye

  1. The background really makes him stand out. He’s stunning. It’s interesting how there are so many things for all the salt marsh creature to do – at all times!

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