Grabbing A Lunch

This afternoon I spotted a red throated loon paddling along in the salt marsh. Although loons can not walk on land due to their webbed feet hanging behind their back rather than under their body, they are extremely fast swimmers.

I got my exercise today trying to keep pace with this loon as it would disappear under the water in one spot, then surface 100 feet away in a matter of seconds.

I saw this guy grab several small fish and I could tell a chase was taking place just barely under the water as an occasional splash and wake would give away the action taking place.

I got lucky here when the loon came up with this fish right in front of my location, then he floated off back deeper into the marsh where I eventually lost sight of him.

Loon Fishing in the Salt Marsh

Loon Fishing in the Salt Marsh

Loon Fishing in the Salt Marsh

14 thoughts on “Grabbing A Lunch

  1. Hey Phil,
    I really love the way you document the natural world we live in. Even better, I appreciate that you are willing to share your spectacular photos with the rest of us. Those loons must be amazing to see in person traveling so quickly under water, then resurfacing far from where you last saw them. I’ll admit, before I started visiting your blog, I had no idea what a loon was. Back then, that was just a name given to some of the people I’ve worked with in the past. ;o)
    I hope to pay you a visit out in the marshlands one of these days. Until then, please keep up the great work.
    Take care,

    • Hey Mick, well I greatly appreciate your very kind comments and I’m thrilled you enjoy seeing the various wildlife photos. Yes the loon is a super fast swimmer, much faster then even the cormorant who swims quickly as well.
      But that’s fine, I need the exercise. 🙂
      See ya,

  2. These really are close up shots! I never knew there were different kinds of loons – but love the sound of the loons in the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York. I wonder if they also swim fast?

    • I was more then a little surprised to see this guy suddenly come floating by, and it was right at the time I had concluded I probably wouldn’t see anything interesting today. He fought fly up to visit you, I’ll suggest it to him. 🙂

  3. He does look like he’s built for speed. I can’t believe how you can capture so much of what the salt marsh denizens do! The and close ups are stunning.

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