Frozen Flights

It was cold out at the salt marsh this afternoon, extremely cold. Despite that, the birds still have to be out fighting the wind gusts and going about their business.

At one point I realized that they have to be out in this cold I don’t. So… I stayed about ten minutes, just long enough to grab a few shots of some frozen looking birds flying across the reeds, then it’s back into a warm (well, sort of warm) house for me!

Frozen Flight

Frozen Flight

Frozen Flight

17 thoughts on “Frozen Flights

    • We were all frozen from our unseasonably cold temps that sadly will continue through the week. The eagle pair have a new chick in their nest at the edge of the marsh and we all hope baby stays warm. Just have to keep reminding ourselves that so many live in Alaska so I’m sure they can handle cold.

    • It’s funny. A while back one of the wildlife rescue organizations tried to release a previously injured pelican back into the wild at the marsh area. But the bird wasn’t having it. He kept walking up to people and trying to get into their cars.
      He knew when he had it good and wanted to go back to the place where he got fed every day and didn’t have to worry about catching his own food.

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