Snowys… At It Again

Earlier this week we had a group of snowy egrets fishing in the salt marsh during low tide. But of course snowys being snowys…they can not simply just fish together. Oh no, a significant amount of drama and acting out is always required.

They might all start out with the best of intentions to just catch some fish. But it doesn’t take long for someone to get fluffed and that means someone else needs to be chased. Typical snowys, it always has to be something.

Snowys Cant Get Along

Snowys Cant Get Along

Snowys Cant Get Along

Snowys Cant Get Along

19 thoughts on “Snowys… At It Again

  1. Beautiful birds, I love their haircuts!!! they all have mohawks….just kidding, great shots as usual, and beautiful nature there. Thanks Phil

  2. I think they are my favorite big bird. I do like their grace and elegance. Beautiful, beautiful images. The power of your eagles are quite fetching too. Hard to take your eyes off of them.

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