Who Said Children Were Fun??

A baby can be an exciting time for a new parent, but it’s also a lot of work. The local area mated pair of bald eagles hatched their chick over a month ago and mom and dad have been very busy every minute since then.

But from the expression on dad’s face as he was flying around on a recent afternoon, he just might be a little worn out already. I thought he had kind of a sad sack or hang dog look on his face and I’m not sure if he was out hunting for baby food or just taking a head clearing flight as a short break from child care.

Bald eagle babies grow fast and seem to be just about always hungry so these parents have a lot more to do in the coming weeks!

Bald Eagle Looking Worn Out

Bald Eagle Looking Worn Out

Bald Eagle Looking Worn Out

22 thoughts on “Who Said Children Were Fun??

    • Yes he does. The cool thing about eagles is that they can still take it easy when flying. I’ve seen this guy gain significant altitude and go quite a distance without so much as a flap. He just holds out those big wings and lets the air do all the work.

  1. Beautiful photos of dad on the hunt, Phil. We have them building nests up here already even with all the snow. So I do imagine they have one tough life being parents. In December I was in Conowingo, MD and saw many juveniles and saw how hungry was a growing eagle. They fight like crazy to grab the food from each other.

    • Do you watch the Berry College GA eagle cam? They now have 2, week old grey fluff ball chicks and those two are already battling with each other over food.
      We have no way to close up view the chick our local pair have except for a glimpse with a high power spotting scope but know for sure it keeps the parents busy.
      Thanks so much for looking.

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