Reflective Egrets

A great egret and snowy egret fishing in the salt marsh yesterday afternoon. It was cold out there but dinner still had to be caught.

Reflective Egrets

Reflective Egrets

22 thoughts on “Reflective Egrets

  1. I just love your reflection pictures – so clear! Are you having colder than usual weather, Phil? From what I see on the news, America is really going through it at the moment!

    • Wed., Thur., and Fri., we had what was for us record breaking cold. Bad news is our heating system is not built for real cold because it’s never supposed to be that cold here so we were even cold inside. Warmed up nicely today though and I had the motorcycle out. 🙂 Glad you liked these pics!

  2. You posted these images just for me, didn’t you Phil. My favorites, the Snowy and the Great. I do get the Great Egrets here but have a long wait to see them. Beautiful light and reflection in your wonderful captures.

    • That’s the real trick, trying to maintain detail in the white birds while hopefully keeping the background from going too dark. It works the best I think when the water shows up blue like this. Glad you liked them!

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