Another Hard Day At Work

Say what you will about the pelicans…they may be a bit goofy looking but I have to admit they work hard. There were a couple out this afternoon flying all over the salt marsh area hunting for a lunch.

I can always tell a pelican is serious about fishing when I see one come gliding in, then go into a sort of hover mode before finally diving down for (hopefully) the catch!

Right after that the big guy is off again to repeat the whole process again in another location.

Before I left I saw this one pelican taking a break from work. It came up out of the marsh and sat down along the edge to dry off and enjoy a well deserved rest.

Pelican Hard At Work

Pelican Hard At Work

Pelican Hard At Work

Pelican Hard At Work

Pelican Hard At Work

Pelican Hard At Work

20 thoughts on “Another Hard Day At Work

  1. They sure do sound like they work hard. What a great closeup! He has quite an expression, and the head tufts add to the effect!

    • I’m glad you liked seeing the big guy in action Maggie. They are entertaining when they really get going as opposed to the times when they mostly just float around. 🙂

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