“Mind If I Pass Through?”

A great blue heron watches from the sidelines as an egret flies by in front of him over at the salt marsh this afternoon.

Mind If I Pass Through

12 thoughts on ““Mind If I Pass Through?”

  1. Phil,
    I really enjoy your daily post. Not living at the beach , weekends are the only time I get to Huntington. Your posts keep me up with the activity there, also make me wiish I was there.
    Anne Baldwin

    • What I always find funny is when one bird is standing there minding it’s own business and other one comes flying right at it’s head. The bird will usually just duck then go right back to fishing like nothing ever happened. I never saw a major wreck out there yet.

  2. Nice contrast between the two birds! Mr. GBH looks a bit bedraggled — he sure does blend in nicely with his background.

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