Fresh Flounder For Dinner… Almost

This afternoon and egret plucked himself a nice fresh flounder out of the salt marsh during low tide. The egret struggled with the oddly shaped fish for almost ten minutes before bringing it back into the reeds and dropping it in the mud.

The egret finally decided there was no way he could swallow the flounder the way he would a more streamlined fish, and abandoned it despite all the effort.

A bit later I saw this same egret snacking on some tiny minnows and shrimp and I know leaving his prize catch had to hurt…

Egret With Flounder

Egret With Flounder

Egret With Flounder

Egret With Flounder

22 thoughts on “Fresh Flounder For Dinner… Almost

    • He looked really grumpy having to settle for hours of fishing for tiny snacks rather then the one big score he had. Oh well, wasn’t the first time and likely won’t be the last. These guys don’t have the luxury of sitting around feeling sorry for themselves, they have to get right back at it for survival.

    • Well more then likely some other bird will come along and make a meal out of the flounder. Or in the middle of the night a raccoon will stumble upon it. 🙂
      In any case a nice fresh flounder would have been better then what I had for dinner last night, leftover chili.

    • I’m sure somebody ended up with that flounder, if not a bird then a raccoon. 🙂 Fresh flounder would have been better than the leftover chili I had for dinner.

    • At least the egret was smart enough to realize it couldn’t eat a fish that size. Making a bad decision out there can be dangerous for these birds. But I know he was disappointed.

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