All The Rage

Well…getting all fluffed up seemed to be all the rage in the salt marsh yesterday. Besides our little white snowy friends, this great blue heron felt the need to let it all hang out!

It was quite the exhibition and we were all duly impressed.

GBH All Fluffed

GBH All Fluffed

GBH All Fluffed

GBH All Fluffed

18 thoughts on “All The Rage

    • The old 7D still cranks it out! Heh heh.
      Actually there was a pelican that kept fishing back and forth in front of this GBH and I don’t think he appreciated it.

  1. I do admire your patience… Your photographs always fascinate me. And do you know what is the most beautiful point? You always come back with an extraordinary photographs… I haven’t seen something like that before, dear Phil, I loved them all. Thank you, have a nice day, and weekend, love, nia

  2. Quite a shaking and fluffing. He looked a bit calmer by the last shot in the sequence. Great capture of this activity.

    • Part of what got him all riled up was there was a pelican who kept swimming by right in front of where he was standing and that ticked off the GBH a bit I think. 🙂 Pics on that coming later.

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