Done For The Day

Early this evening, just as I was leaving the salt marsh, this pelican decided it was time for him to call it a day as well.

He flew across the marsh reeds on his way out with the entire scene lit by warm setting sunlight.

Pelican Done For The Day

18 thoughts on “Done For The Day

  1. Beautiful shot, and yes, it is a brown pelican, only used to see white ones way down south, these are really beautiful too. Love pelicans in all colors….

    • We see the brown pelicans year round here especially around the beaches and inlets. We only see the white ones intermittently but they are very large birds. All are fun to watch and photograph. 🙂

  2. I love this! Your sunset shots are incredible, Phil! Many congratulations on those wonderful pictures of the eagle in flight, carrying the duck, you had a great spread in the Daily Mail online, here in the UK!

  3. Really like these guys. I liked how all their body parts go with how stock and compact they are. The light is fantastic!

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