He’s Baaaack!

The weather has started to warm up here in recent days and I suspected the alligators would soon start moving around and getting a bit more active.

So this morning I went over to the swamp just to look around, and I wasn’t there ten minutes when You Know Who pops his cute little head out from the brush along the side of the marsh! Our pal Mr. A glances over at me then tiptoes out and takes a nice leisurely stroll onto the path there and then drops down into the water for a slow swim.

Once the alligators start getting hungry it’s going to be a very interesting Spring out there!  🙂

Mr A Takes A Walk

Mr A Takes A Walk

Mr A Takes A Walk

Mr A Takes A Walk

Mr A Takes A Walk

Mr A Takes A Walk

28 thoughts on “He’s Baaaack!

  1. Good to see our old friend, and probably some new ones coming soon…….you have to have a great telephoto lens to get in this close, great shots, good to see summer is around the corner.

  2. I was wondering when the gators would start moving. They have looked like big pieces of truck tires for months. Love seeing your daily photos of all the wildlife at Huntington Beach. I’m learning so how from you sharing your talent of being and expert photographer. Many thanks, S

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