Not Everyone Was Active…

Here are a few more views of the bald eagle that was patrolling over the salt marsh yesterday afternoon. He made several wide circles over the water, possibly attracted by the activities of the pelicans, egrets, and herons that were feeding down there.

Although the birds, including this eagle, kept themselves quite busy all day, that was not the case for everyone. Our favorite marsh resident Mister A was instead enjoying a pleasant nap in the sun. The big guy is not fond of unnecessary or optional movement, choosing  to conserve energy wherever and whenever possible.

Active Day

Active Day

Active Day

Active Day

Active Day


22 thoughts on “Not Everyone Was Active…

    • I suppose if I was part of a behavioral nature study, I would more likely be considered closer to the alligator in how I spend my day. Much more laying around then fast flying or walking.

  1. He dfeinitely doesn’t want to waste energy – which is probably why he has Superman eyesight, right? LOVE that picture of Mr. A napping on his little island!

    • When I left him he was exactly in that same position. I got home and found my cat had not moved either. 🐱 They would get on great together I think. Well… for a while anyway. 😀

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