At The Edge Of The Marsh…

It’s kind of a cold grey windy day here so I wasn’t expecting to see very much wildlife activity around the marsh this morning.

But suddenly I spotted our cute little mink friend scampering along the rocks at the edge of the water! After staying out for maybe five seconds, the mink also quickly disappeared into the warmth and safety of his den in among the rocks and brush.

I was even more surprised to see our good buddy Mister Alligator floating quietly in the same area. Alligators are generally not particularly fond of either wind or cold so I expected him to spend the day tucked into his mud hole wherever that might be.

Good day to stay inside.

 At the Edge of the Marsh

At the Edge of the Marsh

At the Edge of the Marsh

At the Edge of the Marsh

18 thoughts on “At The Edge Of The Marsh…

  1. Your little mink is adorable and I always enjoy your shots of him. Are there many of them in your region? Is this a typical habitat for them? Forgive me if you’ve already posted about all this and I’ve missed or forgotten the details:)

    • He is a cutie for sure. There are not a lot of these guys in this particular area. I can go for a long time without even seeing one. That’s good news for the minks though because there is a causeway for vehicle traffic right along side there and I’m always afraid the little guy will get hit. They run around like squirrels.
      There are more at the jetty by the ocean, it’s safer for them there anyway.

    • He sure is a cutie! And the mink is nice too. Ha! 😛
      Actually I think Mr. A was not only a bit sleepy but a bit grumpy. He was promised a sunny day for today and instead got cold. 😳

    • The more I look at that gator shot the more I get nervous about that sort of squinty eye look he’s giving me. He also blew bubbles at me which I think means he is not happy about something. Probably didn’t like seeing that sneaky little mink. Yeah, that must be it.

    • That phrase still might work on the little baby alligator I saw on the way out. Just his tiny head was peaking out of the water, which couldn’t have been more than 3 inches long. He was lucky if he was much over a foot long total. He was almost a little sweetie. XD

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