Morning Float

Here’s our good buddy Mr. A yesterday after he came over to say hello. He kind of just laid there for a bit looking at me with only his head sticking up out of the water until eventually floating off to find a nice nap spot.

Morning Float

26 thoughts on “Morning Float

  1. The flat contrast and high key lighting really allows the ruddy tones of his eyes to stand out. That and those scaly horns give an eerie or even evil look to your buddy here.

    • He would be happy to hear that you think he is evil or scary looking. That’s what he counts on, it’s much better for his reputation. Me calling him cute just ruins everything. o_O

    • He can try that hypnotic look on me but I’ve seen it before and I’m wise to his tricks. There are still some ducks around that I bet would fall for that in two seconds. 😮

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