Nothing Interferes With Nap Time

An alligator was trying to enjoy a quiet nap in the sun this afternoon when an egret showed up and proceeded to stroll around the whole area and create a ruckus.

The snoozing gator was not about to allow this annoying bird to disturb his sleep however. I think he may have opened his eyes halfway once or twice and stretched out his back leg, but that was about it. Afternoon naps are serious business and no prancing egret is going to mess that up.

Napping Alligator and Egret

Napping Alligator and Egret

Napping Alligator and Egret

Napping Alligator and Egret

33 thoughts on “Nothing Interferes With Nap Time

    • That’s what I liked too but that is also the dilemma regarding exposure. I have to try to maintain detail in both the dark grey alligator and the super bright white egret. I know I’ll blow out some of the bird but whadaya gonna do? o_O

  1. The scene really is amazing and so are your images. He looks rather lazy and the egret looks like it was teasing him, even to the point of making noise too. Good feathers are not on the menu.

  2. Mr.Alligator should be sooooooo tired, regret doesn’t distrub him 🙂 Amazing photographs. And I haven’t seen sleeping Mr.Alligator before… Thank you dear Phil, love, nia

  3. Love it!!! Looks like the alligator is just relaxing and taking a nap, and the beautiful egret seems like he just wants to get his attention, its so great the way they get along!!! Thanks Phil

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