Snowys… At It Again

You would think the main purpose of fishing in the salt marsh would be…fishing in the salt marsh. But oh no, not for the snowy egrets. As usual, 60% of the time they could spend hunting for food is instead spent fussing and squabbling with each other. It never fails, if there is more than one snowy egret in an area, a disagreement will break out. I think it’s in their official charter.

So once again… this afternoon there were about half a dozen of these high strung little agitators around and that meant almost non stop bickering. Of course that provides almost endless comical photographic possibilities for me, but somehow I don’t think they see it that way.

Snowys At It Again

Snowys At It Again

Snowys At It Again

Snowys At It Again

32 thoughts on “Snowys… At It Again

    • Yeah I can’t tell from sex, the males and females of this species look identical. But there always seems to be one or two in the group that act as aggressors for whatever reason.

  1. I felt guilty for laughing at these guys! When obviously this drama is probably unsettling and causes them to be anxious! THey almost look like cartoons with their behavior. The fluffing and chasing is priceless!

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