Silent Hunter

We were watching an alligator quietly feeding in the marsh this afternoon. He kept going into stealth mode, diving under the water and staying down for quite a while. That’s how we knew he was serious.

You could see swirls in the water where he was fishing and he was eating whatever he caught under the water as well, I never saw him come up and chew anything.

He would go under facing in one direction and then surface facing the other. He went back and forth patrolling only a relatively small area but he covered every inch of it.

This guy meant business.

Silent Hunter

Silent Hunter

Silent Hunter

Silent Hunter

19 thoughts on “Silent Hunter

  1. The first picture tells the whole story, looks prehistoric, wow you were close…..maybe he was looking to eat your camera and equipment????? Not good……love the shot as always.

    • Natures submarines, I like that! If you would have seen just his dark silhouette under the water yesterday you would would really know how accurate that description is! 🙂

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