Little Greenie

Just this week some of the green herons started to arrive, right on schedule. I always enjoy seeing these colorful and active little herons and many will begin searching for nesting locations.

This guy from yesterday afternoon landed right in front of me on a perch in the marsh pond. Then he flew back into the trees where I know there have been previous green herons nests, so this could very well be an advance scout!

Green Herons Arrive

Green Herons Arrive

26 thoughts on “Little Greenie

  1. Wow! Look at the beautiful colors on that bird! As always, wonderful photography, Phil. Thanks for sharing and I wish you and your family a Hoppy Easter! ;o)

  2. We get the green heron here too and I hope to see some in the coming months. The egrets and blue herons have arrived. I wonder how many birds were in your marsh before coming here? It is interesting to know they come from the south. Love your photos of them. They are often too far for me to photograph.

    • We are in a bit if a transition phase right now. Lots of these birds are likely nesting, somewhere. We are still waiting for ibis, wood storks, and little blue herons. I could have a three month wait still for spoonbills though. We did have one odd visiter last year in April but don’t expect that this year but ya never know.

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