What’s The Rush?!

This morning I was watching an anhinga fishing in the marsh and he was doing quite well, floating in and out and catching several small fish.

Normally, when an anhinga is done fishing, it will make it’s way over to a portion of land because the bird has to stand around for a while and dry off the stretched out wings. But this guy suddenly burst up out of the water and flew off in a huge hurry. They can fly with wet wings if they need to but that’s usually reserved for an emergency situation such as evading a stalking alligator.

I suspected that might be the case here but I never did see an alligator although one could have been submerged and in stealth mode.

Perhaps this fellow just remembered he was late for a lunch date with the lovely Mrs. Anhinga…

Anhinga Fishing and Flying

Anhinga Fishing and Flying

Anhinga Fishing and Flying

28 thoughts on “What’s The Rush?!

  1. That’s a great little vignette, played out perfectly with your series of photos! Let’s see, which option holds the most intrigue . . . escape from a stealthy alligator, or a date with the missus?

  2. I bet the alligator you didn’t see was looking for a little poultry for lunch. The three little gators not a nice photo? I like the little ones. They are kinda adorable. You really got a great sequence of that bird. Beautiful photos, Phil.

    • Those alligators are really starting to get extra hungry so anything is possible. 🙂
      I got individual shots of two of the three youngsters but they were never all together, always 12-15 apart. They were staying away from the big guys which is smart. The little ones are cute!

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