Big Effort Small Reward

This morning I was watching a great blue heron fishing in the marsh. The first time I saw him strike the water he made a big splash but came up empty.

A few minutes later he did catch a small fish that he seemed happy with, but not likely the whopper he was hoping for.

I saw him catch three or four small fish like that before he flew off. A lot of work for a small breakfast.

GBH Makes A Splash

GBH Makes A Splash

GBH Makes A Splash

GBH Makes A Splash

GBH Makes A Splash

26 thoughts on “Big Effort Small Reward

  1. Amazing pictures, especially the two with the splashes. I was at a local lake years ago. It had a one-way road around and caters to duck hunters. A heron stood on a raised dike area, its neck straight up and a huge fish stuck in its throat. Thought I was going to have to give mouth-to-mouth. Luckily the fish finally went down.

    • Sometimes the biggest miss makes the biggest splash. Today was the opposite. I was watching one heron fish and it hardly had to work at all, just dip in a beak and grab a fish.

  2. These shots are exceptional. Great Blues are extremely patient. On numerous occasions they have out-waited me and I just give up. I think I have one shot of a blue dunking for food but there’s little splash. Usually I have to get ‘too close’ just to make them move.
    Nice work here!

    • Thanks very much and it’s funny you say that because many a day I have watched a blue heron stand around and never even strike at the water forget about catching anything. But then yesterday, I was watching one in the salt marsh and he must have caught 6 or 7 seven fish just in the short time I was there. He didn’t have to work hard for them either, seemed like he could just dunk his bill into the water and come up with a nice fish. Got pics of that which I’ll post at some point this week.

  3. I worry about the GBH behind us – not sure he gets enough to eat! I guess they must eat frogs too and by the sound of it there are a lot of those. These are wonderful action shots.

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