An Osprey Goes Into A Dive…

You’ve heard the old joke…An osprey goes into a dive, what should he watch out for?

Watered down drinks? Filthy restrooms? Rude Patrons? Hitting his beak on the oyster bed?

In this case, the osprey went into a steep dive after spotting a potential meal down in the salt marsh but pulled up just in time. This was possibly upon realizing it was low tide and the risk of smacking one’s face into an oyster sticking up out of the shallow water was too great.

But I was impressed by the angle and aerodynamic style of this skilled flyer.

Also, once again the overcast grey sky made the background go white. We are due for some sunshine soon. (I’m hoping)



22 thoughts on “An Osprey Goes Into A Dive…

    • Thanks very much. I’m normally not a huge fan of simple open sky shots, I generally prefer a background like water or trees. But I think the white works on occasion.

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