Busy Day

We had a lot going on over in the marsh area this afternoon.
The little green heron was out fishing, a black skimmer came zipping by, an alligator caught himself a crab, and the eagles were out flying all over the place.

At one point this eagle, which we believe to be the female of our local mated pair, stopped for a quiet sit in a nearby pine tree.
From looking at her you would not know she just got finished chasing off an intruder eagle, plus mom and dad are still teaching the youngsters how to fly and eventually fish on their own.
Like I said, we had a lot going on and of all the photos from today I thought I would go with mom looking fairly relaxed but still alert.

Bald Eagle Sitting in a Pine Tree

Bald Eagle Sitting in a Pine Tree

20 thoughts on “Busy Day

  1. Very nice. Like the blurry bush in the background, and the sunlight really highlights the pattern and colours of the feathers.

    • I was peering through the branches for that first shot then moved over to my right to get a clearer view for the second. I was surprised she sat still for me. I expected her to fly off as I approached but she was fine. I got lucky this time.

    • She has a great overall view from up there. I had to shoot through a small opening on some branches for that first one and there were more behind her. Did end up ok.

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