Pretty Birdie?! I Think Not!

So yesterday afternoon I’m over by the marsh pond when I see this egret in all his fine breeding plumage preening away on a small island.

I think how nice he looks, so I go to grab some photos. Well after a few seconds the egret turns and offers me up this butt shot. How rude! Just when I was having all these pleasant thoughts about how nice the bird looks, this is how I’m treated.

Then he turns to the side and has an expression as if to say…”How about them apples pal?!”

Humm… By the way, this is an area where alligators are often swimming around and the gators like to crawl up on that island. I guess the egret was feeling all full of himself with no nasty alligators to contend with.

I’ve also included here a wide shot taken with my phone showing a more overall view of this section of the marsh, especially after several viewers liked seeing the wider shot of the salt marsh last week. This shot is looking west and directly to my right if I turned north, would be the salt marsh. The two areas are separated by a causeway which has vehicle traffic. The marsh pond seen here is fresh (well brackish) water and most of the alligators like to hang around here. They will only visit the salt marsh section for short periods to feed then they walk back over to the pond. In winter most of the alligators live in the swamp area which is directly south of this view but still in walking distance. The ocean is also very close by to the east.

It turns out to be nice convenient one stop shopping for wildlife photo ops. 🙂

Egret Preening and Butt Shot

Egret Preening and Butt Shot

Egret Preening and Butt Shot

Egret Preening and Butt Shot

Egret Preening and Butt Shot

21 thoughts on “Pretty Birdie?! I Think Not!

    • Normally it’s the eagles and alligators with all the attitude. But I’m thinking that for a lot of the egrets nesting time has concluded so they are starting to feel all free and adventurous. 😀

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