Little Greenie

Earlier this week I watching this green heron fishing in among the oyster beds at the salt marsh during low tide.

It’s fun watching these active and colorful little guys dart back and forth in search of their usual diet of small fish and shrimp.

Despite being very fast walkers and flyers, these stocky birds will often wait patiently and remain very still until the perfect moment to strike at the water occurs. They are very skilled at what they do.

Green Heron Fishing in the Salt Marsh

Green Heron Fishing in the Salt Marsh

Green Heron Fishing in the Salt Marsh

Green Heron Fishing in the Salt Marsh

20 thoughts on “Little Greenie

    • They really are pretty little birds and especially if the sun hits them right. If I see one on a dim overcast day I’ll often pass up photo ops because they don’t look quite right dulled down.

  1. Never knew there were green heron’s, they are exotic and also have good taste in food. Great Shots Phil…Thanks….:-)

  2. These are beautiful shots of these little Greenies. I love watching them “hunt” here in our wetlands – they have such amazing patience and sit so long waiting for the moment to strike, even though the result is usually a pretty tiny creature.

    • It’s often fun to watch them nervously pace back and forth but once they settle on a location they can sit for quite a while waiting for the perfect moment to strike!

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