It’s A Twofer!

Saw this great blue heron come up with a two for one deal yesterday afternoon in the marsh pond.

He got two fish with one strike at the water!

As it was, I was amazed by how many of these fish the heron caught in a short period of time. But even so, I guess he was in a rush and simply catching one fish per strike wasn’t doing it for him. Smart bird in any case because this two fish method is much more energy efficient.

GBH With Two Fish

GBH With Two Fish

GBH With Two Fish

GBH With Two Fish

46 thoughts on “It’s A Twofer!

  1. Such great shots, your photos are amazing, would love to know what type of camera you are using and lens to get such fantastic close ups and the colors and clarity are amazing!!! But then again, its not always the camera, its the photographer…..and you are a great one!!! Thanks Phil for all your amazing work.

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