The Intimidator

Earlier this afternoon I noticed this good size alligator heading in from the middle of the marsh pond on a full steam. There is a small area in the near corner of the pond that we call ‘baby cove’ because several of the little alligators (those 4 feet and under) live there. One main reason why the babies stay in that kind of out of the way location is to, hopefully, remain off the radar screen of the big guys.

So when I glanced over at the baby cove section, I saw one of the little gators and knew he was the likely target of the heavy battleship moving in. It certainly didn’t take any lengthy discussion to get this smaller alligator to quickly leave the vicinity. But that apparently was not enough for the head gator in charge, because he suddenly lifted the front part of his body up out of the water and opened his mouth as wide as it would go in a display of dominance.

In the fifth picture you can see what brought this on because in the background is a second baby that needed a lesson in who the boss is around these parts.

The big guy then turned around and after a brief stand off, complete with a menacing glare, young alligator #2 also was easily persuaded to leave the area.

After completing that task, the big boy headed back out toward the middle of the marsh presumably to continue spreading more cheer.

The Intimidator

The Intimidator

The Intimidator

The Intimidator

The Intimidator

The Intimidator

24 thoughts on “The Intimidator

  1. Cool pictures! He looks pretty intimidating with the mouth open, I would do the same as the smaller gators and leave the vicinity:)

  2. You can say that again, he is an intimidator, and he knows it too….king of the marsh, or so he thinks, once again, amazing pictures. Thanks.

    • He’s king of the marsh until somebody bigger than him shows up, then he is the one who will likely retreat to safety.
      In their world size is everything.
      Thanks for checking these out!

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