Flip Fishing

Earlier this week I saw an anhinga using the standard flip method while fishing in the marsh pond.

Anhingas are among my favorite bird action to watch and photograph.

Anhinga Afternoon Fishing in the Marsh

Anhinga Afternoon Fishing in the Marsh

27 thoughts on “Flip Fishing

  1. “Standard flip method”? Are there others? Probably the young ones have to try something different to rebel before settling on what has worked forever. 🙂 You know what else is standard? The look on the fish. 😯

    Nice grabs, Phil…and Anhinga dude.

    • Well sometimes if the fish isn’t totally impaled and stuck on the end of that sharp bill they can quickly gulp it down.
      I prefer this method though because it’s more fun to watch. 😀
      Thanks for looking Steve.

    • Oh I know what you mean Maggie, dear Thea definitely adds something extra special to your whole outlook on so many aspects of your life. That is a blessing for sure. And I’m so thrilled y’all get to share that and my photos are sometimes a small part of it.

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