Saturday Afternoon

It was kind of a slow day over at the marsh yesterday afternoon, not a whole lot of our usual residents were around, but there were a few…

A snowy egret was seen jumping off from the oyster beds in the salt marsh. A least tern was flying off with a fresh caught fish. A great egret got all involved chasing across the water after some other bird that was fishing in ‘his’ territory. And of course You Know Who, fell asleep right there in the water without a care in the world.

Notice how everyone else seems to be rather busy going about their day, while a certain other individual decides it’s the perfect time for a nap?!

Saturday Afternoon 01

Saturday Afternoon 02

Saturday Afternoon 03

Saturday Afternoon 04

19 thoughts on “Saturday Afternoon

    • Well there was this one day…
      Actually this time of year I am likely to some on almost any day. By late fall and then winter most will tuck themselves away for the season.

    • I barely have the energy to attempt following them as they dart about at hyper speeds. I saw some again yesterday but pointed my camera instead at critters that move a bit more slowly. 🙂

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