Optical Illusion?

Here is a photo I took this afternoon of an egret fishing.

Look closely at the fish’s face. At a quick first glance, do you see what appears to be a fish face kind of looking down with one red eye and one black eye and the bright highlighted spots being it’s mouth?

Or… do you see a face looking up with that red spot being the fish’s mouth and that black eye is it’s left eye with a tiny portion of it’s right eye appearing at the top?

Do you see both scenes? Do you need to refocus your eyes to see both?  Which did you see first?

The second scenario is the correct one, what initially may have appeared to be a red right eye is actually the fish’s open mouth. Who saw that right off from the start? 🙂

Optical Illusion

23 thoughts on “Optical Illusion?

    • I know it’s odd isn’t it?! When I first looked on the back of the camera I saw it as normal, then forgot about it.
      Then when I looked later on the computer monitor I was scratching my head. I still have to focus then refocus my eyes even now that I know exactly what to look for.

  1. I saw the fish face looking down first, then had to turn my head around to see the proper perspective. Fascinating! Watched the gannets and terns diving in the bay at Coverack, thinking of you, Phil! Great to be back with you again!

    • It is funny how different folks saw two different scenes depending on their view, focus, and what first grabbed your attention. I still can easily see it two ways despite knowing what it really is.

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